Troll Police 15 comes to a head, is this the end?  Sort of!

There are other following pages of Troll Police 15 that are written, but seeing as how I’m busy with several other unrelated projects, the comic will be on indefinite hiatus.  Perhaps this will be the final page of Troll Police, though I’ve said that before, and yet those circumstances were different still.  So it all remains to be seen.  It’s been fun making Troll Police for all these years, so at least this is a good spot to go out on.  Otherwise, it’ll be fun to keep working on it, or to come back to Troll Police if I get a chance.

I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who’s drawn for this comic before, especially Brian Raddatz who almost singlehandedly kept this comic going with his art, when it would’ve stalled several times otherwise.